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Rolling Stone

Song You Need to Know: Drax Project feat. Six60, ‘Catching Feelings’

New Zealand’s Drax Project are enjoying burgeoning global success thanks to a unique musical blend. All of the band’s members attended music school, where they studied jazz. You can hear that influence in their use of saxophone, subtle melodies and delicate vocal interplay, which can bring to mind vintage street corner doo wop and pre-rock and roll crooner confections.

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"Drax Project Break Down Their Debut Album, From "Woke Up Late" to "Catching Feelings"

"The New Zealand synth-pop band — comprised of singer and saxophonist Shaan Singh, drummer Matt Beachen, bassist Sam Thomson, and guitarist Ben O'Leary — released their eponymous debut album on Friday (September 27), following up last year's buzzy NOON EP. The 11 new tracks are a long time coming for the Kiwi quartet, who have gone from busking on their hometown streets to opening for Camila Cabello and Christina Aguilera; all while elevating their reputation as an electric, instrument-led live act. (It's all in their name: drums + sax = Drax)."

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"Drax Project Underscores Laid-Back R&B Vibes & Electronic Flourishes on Self-Titled Debut Album: Listen"

"The 11-track album explores R&B grooves, trap beats, jazzy accents and dubstep flourishes, blending the sounds into a bouncy melody that seamlessly floats through each song. The Haile Steinfeld-assisted "Woke Up Late" from earlier this year kicks off the album, and the bookend track, "Catching Feelings," features fellow New Zealanders SIX60."

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Substream Magazine

"Drax Project Invites You into the Immersive World of their Debut Album"

"When I talked to the band in their stop in New York, it was important for me to get to the heart of the composition of the songs because they are both unique and complex. Complex in the manner that you hear something different in repeat listens. The band takes care in the recording process with songs, both older and new, that invite the highest parts of your energy. It could make you dance, can make you contemplative, or make you fall in love with someone or something."

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"An Afternoon with Drax Project"

"My time with them made a few things very obvious: being an artist on the cusp of blowing up is hard work, Drax Project’s new album is going to be an absolute hit, and New Zealand pies make for a great meal."

"New Music Roundup- Charlotte Lawrence, Drax Project, and More"

"However much of a bop that song is, the rest of their album is just as good, "Smart Love" is another song of note off the album. This chill, laidback pop song is dedicated to learning from past mistakes to cultivate healthy relationships. Singer and saxophonist Shaan Singh said that one of his favorite lyrics from the song is "So stop your worrying / I think you think too much," explaining that "it's better to just to be in the moment and be present instead of worrying about what's happened before and what might happen in the future."

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The Wild Honey Pie

"Guest List, Updated by Drax Project"

The new album draws upon a very eclectic mix of music. Some of the songs lean more R&B/hip-hop and others lean towards singer-songwriter and pop, but one overarching theme is energy. We love songs that you can bop your head to, that make you dance, that make you feel good, or anything at all. We drew different influences from different songs such as lyricial, musical, and conceptual ideas. We feel like our album could fit right in this playlist. Enjoy the album!! - Drax Project

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Ones to Watch

"Dayglow, Charlotte Lawrence, Lauren Sanderson & More #Nowwatching Playlist"

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Elicit Magazine

"Drax Project Release Debut Album "Drax Project"

Today New Zealand’s own Drax Project release their hotly anticipated, self-titled album, Drax Project. The debut album comes in the wake of countless successes and support from various musicians and personalities such as Christina Aguilera, Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld, Liza Koshy and more. Featuring music for every listener, the Kiwi quartet’s new record boldly showcases their eclectic influences from jazz to R&B to pop. Touching on themes such as love and lust, life on the road, trust and heartbreak, Drax Project’s stirring lyricism demonstrates not only their innovative talent but ability to unite a global audience in intimate shared experiences.

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"Drax Project Release Highly Anticipated Self-Titled Album"

"The 11-track album touches upon a number of themes including love and lust, life on the road, trust, and heartbreak. Whilst each track is unique in its sound, the album ties together perfect thanks to Drax Project’s infectious melodies, bold lyricism, and the undeniable charm which they’ve carefully crafted within their music."

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Hot Pop Today

"Drax Project's Debut Album Out Now"

"We started writing some of the songs on this album two and half years ago, and some of them we finished just a month or two before release day," the band wrote on Genius. "The songs have grown with us over time and feels like a journey to us. Songs like Toto we wrote on the first day we could quit our day jobs to do music full time, to Holiday which we wrote about being away from home and our friends and families. So stoked to finally have it out in the world."

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